Minerals Plan: Key Issues & Options

Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Core Strategy: Key Issues & Options

Restoration of Sites on the A515 Corridor, Buxton

7.96 There is a chain of four major limestone producing quarries to the west of the A515 near Buxton, which have a significant impact on the landscape.  These are Dowlow, Brierlow, Hillhead and Hindlow.  A strategic restoration scheme for this area could be drawn up to guide the ongoing restoration of these sites, to help minimise the impact of these quarries over time.  If any new or revised schemes for working these sites come forward, these may present opportunities to draw up revised restoration schemes for the sites, guided by the overall strategic scheme.

Issue 19: Restoration Scheme for A515 Corridor (a)

What approach should we take to the restoration of mineral workings along the A515 Corridor, Buxton?

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Option 1: Prepare a comprehensive long term landscape strategy for the restoration of limestone quarries along the A515 Corridor.
Option 2: Continue to apply a criteria based approach to the restoration of these quarries, based on local circumstances, devising restoration schemes for quarries as they arise, guided by circumstances specific to the particular quarry only.
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Issue 19: Restoration Scheme for A515 Corridor (b)

Please explain why you came to that decision. If you chose 'a different option', please explain what that would be.

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