Minerals Plan: Key Issues & Options

Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Core Strategy: Key Issues & Options

How do we manage the extraction of clay?

7.45 There are no national, regional or county demand figures for brick clay or fireclay production. The industry is market-led and closely related to the needs of consumers and to trends in the construction and ceramics industries, although it is also used in the construction of cells for landfill waste disposal facilities. During buoyant economic periods, demand for clay increases for the production of bricks, tiles, terracotta pipes, refractory products, etc. Periods of decline can lead to mothballing or shutting down of extraction and processing facilities.

7.46 In this context, it is important to maintain essential supplies to consumers when they are needed, while seeking to encourage the rapid working and reclamation of sites to minimise environmental impact, and resisting proposals in which the stocking of clays would lead to delays in that reclamation. It is often preferable, therefore, for clay to be stocked at the site of the industrial process, rather than the extraction site.

7.47 The existing policy in the Minerals Local Plan (Policy MP32: Clay) sets out criteria for the acceptability of new proposals, including the need for the mineral to be worked, in relation to the needs of existing clay products companies or waste disposal facilities. Whether the development is designed to secure rapid reclamation which, in particular, is not delayed by arrangements to stockpiling the clay, is a particularly important criterion.

Issue 8: Managing How We Make Provision for Clay (a)

Do you agree that we should include a policy for the development of clay working which sets out criteria similar to those in the existing Minerals Local Plan policy?

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Issue 8: Managing How We Make Provision for Clay (b)

Please explain why you came to that decision, and if you chose 'no' please suggest an alternative approach that we could take

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