Minerals Plan: Key Issues & Options

Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Core Strategy: Key Issues & Options


Minerals are increasingly important to our way of life.  As well as their obvious importance to construction projects (houses, factories, roads) they are also used in a huge range of everyday products such as paints, paper and toothpaste, so they are something that we all use and benefit from.   They are a valuable and finite resource which must be managed carefully.


Derbyshire is rich in minerals, making the county one of the most important in the UK for these resources.  The minerals are important both nationally and locally in terms of jobs and wealth creation.  However, the same geology which gave rise to this wealth of resources also created the striking landscapes which are important to Derbyshire people, the visitor industry and the local economy. Unfortunately, mineral working almost always causes some impact on the environment.  The challenge now is how to find the best balance between all these considerations in Derbyshire over the next 20 years or more.


The only way to achieve the best balance is to plan realistically for the long term. The Minerals Core Strategy will form the heart of this process.  It will set out the vision for how we think Derby and Derbyshire should look in terms of minerals provision and extraction to 2030 and beyond.  It will guide the scale of future working, potential locations, and the principles we will use to decide planning applications for quarrying.


This document is a key step towards the preparation of the Core Strategy. It sets out some of the main issues we will need to address and suggests how we could deliver an environmentally sound plan that will have the support of communities and the minerals industry. You will be able to read the arguments why we must recognise that some quarrying needs to take place in Derbyshire.  Whilst we do have some choices about places, it is an obvious truth that minerals can only be quarried where they occur.  There are, therefore, difficult decisions to make that will have long term implications.  We need your views on what you think are the best options.