Minerals Plan: Key Issues & Options

Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Core Strategy: Key Issues & Options

Chapter 6: Plan Objectives

The Objectives

6.1 The Core Strategy needs to set out strategic objectives for minerals development which will deliver the vision and be translated into a spatial strategy and core policies.  The draft objectives of the Core Strategy are as follows:

A.     To make sufficient provision for all mineral resources (in particular the agreed sub-regional apportionment requirements for aggregates provision) to meet national, regional and local requirements. (Vision 3)

B.     To assist in the delivery of sustainable economic development and regeneration.(Vision 1 & 4)

C.    To help achieve a progressive reduction in mineral extraction from the Peak District National Park. (Vision 3)

D.    To protect the quality of the natural and built environment from the impact of minerals development, including the Peak District National Park and the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site. (Vision 1 & 2)

E.     To make the most sustainable use of mineral resources, including by maximising the use of recycled and secondary materials in meeting recognised national and regional requirements and by ensuring the most efficient use of high quality minerals and the minimisation of waste materials. (Vision 5)

F.     To safeguard a sufficient supply of mineral resources from unnecessary long term sterilisation. (Vision 6)

G.    To reduce the landbank of crushed rock in Derbyshire. (Vision 7)  

H.     To protect local communities from the impact of minerals development. (Vision 8)

I.         To help mitigate the impacts of climate change, including increased flood risk, by minimising energy use and maximising the use of renewable energy and adapting appropriately to the impacts of climate change. (Vision 9)

J.      To make the best use of existing infrastructure and ensure that new infrastructure provision encourages opportunities for sustainable means of transporting minerals. (Vision 10)

K.     To ensure that after extraction, land is reclaimed at the earliest opportunity, and that high quality restoration and aftercare takes place which maximises community and environmental benefits and makes optimum use of inert fill material. (Vision 2, 11,12)

6.2 These objectives will be met through the provision of detailed policies to guide, assess and control mineral development.

Objectives (a)

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Objectives (b)

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