Minerals Plan: Key Issues & Options

Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Core Strategy: Key Issues & Options

Chapter 8: Site Suggestions

8.1 The Core Strategy will identify potentially suitable strategic sites for minerals extraction. Government policy states that core strategies can only include those sites which are considered to be central to the delivery of the strategy.  We have said above that we consider all sand and gravel sites to be strategic in this sense.   It is likely also that sites for the extraction of industrial limestone would be considered as strategic.  Given the huge landbank, it is unlikely that we will have to find any additional sites for aggregate crushed rock, although sites which offer benefits in sustainability terms could be considered in exchange for existing reserves, provided this would result in a reduction in the overall landbank.  We may prepare a Sites DPD at a later stage, which will show detailed site allocations.  

8.2 It is important that where operators and landowners know of such sites, that these are suggested at as early a stage in the plan preparation process as possible.  This will help to ensure that sufficient time is available for a thorough assessment of the site to be conducted without holding up the adoption of the plan. 

Issue 20: Site Suggestions

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