Minerals Plan: Key Issues & Options

Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Core Strategy: Key Issues & Options

How should we calculate the provision for aggregates beyond 2020?

7.5 Government Policy in MPS1 requires that we make appropriate levels of provision for primary aggregates (crushed rock and sand and gravel) for the period of the Strategy (up to 2030); however, the apportionments set out in the National and Regional Guidelines are agreed only for the period to 2020.  This leaves a 10 year gap, for which we will have to show an "apportionment" figure.  This will enable us to provide people with an idea of the scale of site provision in this latter part of the plan period, even if this means identifying only areas of search rather than specific sites for the period 2020-2030   and beyond. Projecting forward agreed rates of annual provision would be one option and using an average of actual past rates of production would be another.

7.6 We have agreed, currently, that the majority of the reduction in provision of crushed rock aggregates from the Peak Park up to 2020 (see Issue 12) should be provided for in Derbyshire. Beyond 2020, it is anticipated that other authorities in this region and adjoining regions will take an appropriate proportion of this displaced provision based on geographical markets.  As a result Derbyshire's provision for crushed rock aggregate could, potentially, be reduced beyond 2020, compared to the agreed figure for 2005-2020.

7.7 It should also be recognised that revised apportionments for aggregates may be made available during the timescale of the Strategy and these may provide figures to 2030.  There is the opportunity for elements of the Core Strategy to be reviewed once it is in place and the publication of revised apportionments would be a catalyst for such a partial  review.  If this is the case, these agreed apportionment figures would replace the estimated figures.

7.8 More detailed information on the specific apportionments for each type of aggregate is provided in the evidence papers relating to sand & gravel and aggregate crushed rock.

Issue 1: Calculating the Provision for Aggregates Beyond 2020 (a)

What would be the best way of calculating the necessary provision we will need to make for aggregates in the period after 2020?

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Option 1: Make an estimate of provision beyond 2020 based on a straight line projection of the current agreed apportionments (i.e. the annual apportionments for crushed rock and sand & gravel remain the same for the years from 2020 - 2030 as they are from 2005 - 2020).
Option 2: Use an average figure of recent annual production rates to calculate annual apportionment figures from 2020 - 2030.
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Issue 1: Calculating the Provision for Aggregates Beyond 2020 (b)

Do you agree (for both options 1 & 2) that we should also allow for a reduced proportion of the Peak Park's displaced provision of crushed rock on the assumption that, after 2020, other authorities will take an element of this displaced provision?

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Issue 1: Calculating the Provision for Aggregates Beyond 2020 (c)

Please explain how you came to your decision for (b), and if you disagreed, please suggest an alternative approach

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