Minerals Plan: Key Issues & Options

Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Core Strategy: Key Issues & Options

How do we manage the demand of vein minerals?

7.48 There is a world market for fluorspar and barytes that is difficult to plan for as demand fluctuates widely. Cavendish Mill near Stoney Middleton in the Peak District National Park is the only fluorspar ore processing facility of its kind in the UK and any threat to its viability could have significant effects on the economy.  Vein minerals occur in the part of the plan area of higher landscape quality close to the national Park, but are not currently worked here.  Finding alternative sources of Fluorspar is difficult. Sourcing fluorspar worldwide has its problems in terms of finding the right type of ore and the costs of transport, making it economically feasible.

7.49 In terms of supply, the variable nature of deposits makes their assessment difficult. Because vein minerals occur in association with limestone in Derbyshire, its extraction can involve the necessary extraction of limestone in order to gain access to it.  The assessment of new proposals for vein mineral will need to take account the need for the mineral but also have regard to the effect of the proposal on the already excessive over provision for limestone aggregates. Given the national need for this important mineral, there may be a case for allowing proposals for its extraction within the plan area.  This must be balanced against any impact of working it in such sensitive locations on the environment or communities,

7.50 The existing policy in the Minerals Local Plan (Policy MP33: Vein Minerals) requires decision-makers to take into account the need for the mineral to be worked and the need to minimise both the scale and duration of the working.  In seeking to minimise environmental impact, the least damaging methods of working and arrangements for waste disposal need to be employed and, where underground methods are used, the danger of landslips or subsidence must be taken into account.

Issue 9: Managing How We Make Provision for Vein Minerals (a)

Do you agree that we should include a policy for the development of vein working which sets out criteria similar to those in the existing Minerals Local Plan policy (MP33)?

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Issue 9: Managing How We Make Provision for Vein Minerals (b)

Please explain why you came to that decision, and if you chose 'no' please suggest an alternative approach that we could take

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