Minerals Plan: Key Issues & Options

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Document Section Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Core Strategy: Key Issues & Options Part One: Background Information Chapter 3: A General Portrait of Derbyshire the Introduction [List all comments on this document part]
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Response Date 15 Jul 2010
DCA fully accept that aggregates and minerals need to be extracted in Derbyshire for the UK economy, road building, industrial manufacturing etc. and we also agree that the Peak District National Park must have enhanced protection to prevent the continuation of its destruction from quarrying and mining. There are many unique and extensive cave systems in the Peak District that have come under threat from quarrying over the years and still today can have a major negative impact on caving activities. Only very recently, in the Castleton area, several very popular caves have had to be closed off to cavers in the interests of safety as a result of poisonous gases entering the underground systems we believe from quarrying activities nearby. Carbon Monoxide nearly killed two cavers who very luckily managed to get out just in time. This gas, like Carbon Dioxide, is particularly dangerous and is not found naturally in caves, unlike Carbon Dioxide which is.

1.3 Extensive underground systems in Derbyshire, be they caves or lead mines, have already been destroyed or made unsafe as a direct result of quarrying activity. Through careful planning and proper and timely consultation we should be able to avoid further destruction in the future. We owe it to our children and their children to preserve our natural environment and past industrial heritage for scientific study, for recreation, and because once it is lost we cannot recover or replace it.

1.4 We have read and have noted the contents of the Minerals Core Strategy Key Issues and Options document and have focused on the sections that relate to minerals and limestone extraction. As was said in this document it is vital that the planning authority have a good knowledge of all the factors and background to the Derbyshire area and what needs to be preserved and how environmental impacts from quarrying and mining have to be minimised and mitigated for where unavoidable.