Minerals Plan: Key Issues & Options

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Document Section Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Core Strategy: Key Issues & Options Part Two: Vision, Objectives, Issues & Options Chapter 5: A Vision for Minerals Development in Derbyshire the Vision for Minerals Development in Derbyshire [List all comments on this document part]
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Respondent Mark North - Mineral Products… [List all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 10 Aug 2010
The document should explain why the crushed rock landbank in Derbyshire is considered by the Mineral Planning Authority to be excessive. It will be necessary to do that in the MCS and views that come forward from consultees may help in building a robust and credible evidence base to support this judgment. MPA do not necessarily agree that a large landbank is excessive; a landbank that is too low is a problem but a large landbank is not.

The adverse social and environmental effects of mineral extraction should be controlled to acceptable levels but not necessarily minimised. Pointless minimisation of effects can have undesirable knock-on effects and results in unnecessary costs.