Minerals Plan: Key Issues & Options

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Document Section Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Core Strategy: Key Issues & Options Part One: Background Information Chapter 3: A General Portrait of Derbyshire the Natural Heritage section [List all comments on this document part]
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Response Date 11 Aug 2010
Paragraph 3.14, Water Framework Directive
Chemical and biological water quality are the old outdated system of classification; the new system driven by the Water Framework Directive sets out new more stringent tests. Under these tests many stretches of all of these rivers are failing to meet the minimum standard; good ecological status (GES) - this is a potential barrier to successful restoration of habitats that require reconnection to the floodplain because many plant and invertebrate species found on these habitats require very high water quality and are particularly sensitive to phosphorous levels; the principal reason for failure to meet GES on English rivers. Nevertheless, it should be recognised that mineral extraction presents the opportunity to restore many stretches of heavily modified English rivers, through the redesign of floodplains at quite large scales during aftercare.