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Document Section Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Core Strategy: Key Issues & Options Part Two: Vision, Objectives, Issues & Options Chapter 5: A Vision for Minerals Development in Derbyshire the Vision for Minerals Development in Derbyshire [List all comments on this document part]
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Response Date 16 Aug 2010
There is always economic spin from bringing people into an area, though this is easy to understate and difficult to quantify - increased sales of petrol, food etc plus added casual business for other attractions in the area such as retail outlets, attractions etc. It is possible that some forms of recreation might generate income from cycle hire, boat hire, on site sales, parking. Such income should accrue to the local community rather than to multi national quarry companies.
Within social we would include local amenity, quiet recreation, space for exercise, families and those with impaired mobility. There are two other categories of recreation which may be appropriate. Water activities and climbing and a second range of activities which may be difficult to accommodate in adjacent National Park areas. These include trail biking, 4x4, shooting and archery. A spin off could be the relief on the pressured landscape of the National Park and the benefits of shorter journeys where redundant sites are close to areas of population.

The significant range of rock offers creation of a very wide diversity of habitat, flora and fauna eg Peregrines in steep places and great crested newts in low wet ones.

The pay off to the biodiversity of the area could be magnificent and compatible with other activities. Educational opportunities shoild not be lost from local schools understanding their area to more serious monitoring of different approaches to site conservation. Such habitat creation should not be on a site by site basis but should consider value to be gained from a coherent approach to contiguous sites.

A little forethought will assist the outcome. Whilst heavy machinery is on site, it is essentially a nil cost operation to sculpt landforms appropriately to provide useful rock surfaces and habitats. The cost of doing this after a site is vacated would be prohibitive.