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Accessing Consultation Documents

The Documents area contains documents about the consultation, such as the response document template and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document. It also contains any background material specific to this consultation.

To download a document, simply click on the document's name in the list.

Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer may find that many of the common document types open inside the IE browser, rather than in their own application, which leaves you without the normal application menu functions etc. This can make editing documents difficult due to the lack of menu functions you are used to, and the hidden nature of the 'save' button. This is due to configuration of the browser you are using.

To change your configuration to open the downloaded files in their own application (eg, for MS Word):

  1. Launch Windows Explorer (ie. the file manager application, not Internet Explorer)
  2. Select "Folder Options..." from the Tools menu
  3. Select the "File Types" tab
  4. Scroll down the list of "Registered file types" until you find "DOC - Microsoft Word Document" and select it
  5. Click on the "Advanced..." button at the bottom of the dialog
  6. Uncheck the "Browse in same window" checkbox

You can repeat this operation for all of the common Microsoft Office document types whilst you have the "File Types" tab open.

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