Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for Aggregate Crushed Rock


1       Introduction

1.1     The Minerals Local Plan is required to provide for a steady supply of minerals to help meet local need, and the overall national requirement, for minerals, which helps promote sustainable economic growth including the creation of jobs.  This is one of the key issues that has emerged from engagement with stakeholders and communities in the development of the Minerals Local Plan.  It is also a fundamental part of national minerals policy in the NPPF, and is emerging as a key element of the Plan in the vision and objectives.

1.2     Aggregate crushed rock from the limestone resource of Derbyshire is a resource of national importance because it is used throughout the United Kingdom mainly in the manufacture of concrete, as roadstone and as infill material.  The Local Aggregate Assessment 2014, concludes that there are sufficient permitted reserves of this resource to last well beyond the end of the Plan period.  In overall numerical terms therefore there will no requirement for the Plan to identify further reserves.  There may, however, be exceptional circumstances where permission may be granted for further reserves.


1.3     Derby City does not have any resources of crushed rock, so although this paper has been prepared jointly with Derby City Council, reference is mainly made to Derbyshire as this is the part of the Plan area where the resource is found.