Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for Reducing Quarrying in the Peak Park


1       Introduction

1.1     National minerals policy seeks to maintain landbanks of non-energy minerals from outside designated areas, such as National Parks.  In order to help to deliver this approach on a local scale, the Peak District National Park Authority has a policy in its adopted Core Strategy (2011) to not allow further new quarries or extensions to existing quarries in the National Park in order to help protect the qualities of the landscape.  This strategy sets out how the Councils have cooperated and will continue to cooperate with the Peak District National Park to help achieve this aim by agreeing to compensate for the reduction in quarrying in the National Park by increasing its apportionment figure for aggregate crushed rock (limestone and gritstone).  This can only be achieved for aggregate minerals because there is a national system for determining levels of aggregate provision (Managed Aggregate Supply System). Such a system does not exist for minerals which are used for other purposes, such as those used for building and roofing stone.

1.2     Derby City does not have any resources of crushed rock, so although this paper has been prepared jointly with Derby City Council, reference is often only made to Derbyshire as this is the part of the Plan area where the resource is found.  Derbyshire in this paper means the area administered by Derbyshire County Council for planning purposes and does not include the Peak District National Park.