Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for Sand and Gravel

Further Consultation on the LAA

6       Further Consultation on the LAA, 2013

6.1     We published the draft LAA for comment in March 2013.  It set out that sites would have to be allocated to meet the identified shortfall in the need for sand and gravel of 17mt, including a 10% flexibility allowance.


6.2    Public Opinion

At this stage, again there was some public support expressed for the 10% flexibility allowance to allow for increased demand to assist the economic recovery.  There were also an equal number of reservations regarding this approach, responses stating that annual monitoring of sales figures and other information through the LAA would identify any significant increase in demand, enabling a review of the apportionment figure and, if necessary, further provision of sites later in the Plan period. In accordance with the NPPG, people said that consideration of average sales over the most recent three years would identify the general trend of demand as part of the consideration of whether it might be appropriate to increase supply.  People also cited a lack of evidence as to why a figure of 10% should be used as opposed to any other figure.







The Sustainability Appraisal for the LAA reported on the two options; Option 1 basing future apportionments on the previous 10 year average and Option 2 applying an additional 10% to this figure.  It found that both options could result in effects on the environmental, economic and social baseline over the plan period as new sites for extraction would be needed.  Option 2 would result in a greater amount of extraction and could, therefore, result in more sites being worked with the potential for greater adverse impacts on the local environment and communities.  It found that the effects and the significance of these effects will depend on the locations of the specific sites needed to deliver either option which is uncertain at this stage.

In summary, it concluded that the option of using the 10 year average performed better than the option of applying 10% flexibility against all sustainability objectives other than the economic objective.