Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for Vein Minerals

Progress so far - What you have said and how we have responded

6.1      The Councils have undertaken a series of previous consultation exercises to obtain your views about the approach that we should take towards vein minerals in the new MLP and it is now an ideal opportunity to review the messages which emerged from those consultations and to assess their relevance at the present time in light of subsequent changes in Government policy and guidance.

Stakeholder Workshop 2009

6.2      We held a Stakeholder Workshop in 2009 which scoped the issues that the Minerals Local Plan should address. At this event, people recognised and identified the need for mineral extraction provided that its social and environmental impact is minimised.

Issues and Options 2010

6.3      The Issues and Options consultation paper in 2010 included a specific question (Issue 9) about managing how we make provision for vein minerals in the Plan area. In response you told us that the new MLP should continue the approach of the existing Minerals Local Plan by including a policy that sets criteria for the assessment of new proposals for the extraction of vein minerals. In addition, you suggested that all new applications should be subject to rigorous scrutiny, with the applicant having to demonstrate clearly the need for the specific site and mineral, and that the extraction of host limestone along with the vein mineral should be kept to a minimum. In order to assist future decision making, you requested that the Councils investigate the genuine national need for vein minerals and to identify the markets that could potentially be affected by any shortage, as well as ensuring that the new MLP properly reflects Government policy and guidance on the issue.


Further more detailed information is available in Responses to the Derby and Derbyshire Minerals Plan, Issues and Options Consultation Paper, 2011


The interim Sustainability Appraisal found that a criteria based policy would have positive implications for landscape, geodiversity, biodiversity and natural resources. However, given that it can be difficult to find suitable sites for vein mineral extraction and that demand fluctuates widely, it may be appropriate to allow development without the need to demonstrate there is a demand for the mineral. Scale and methods of working could still be included in a criteria based policy.