Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for the River Valleys

Next Steps

6       Next Steps

6.1    The Mineral Planning Authority will continue to work closely with mineral operators (Cemex, Hansons, Lafarge/ Tarmac), landowners, local planning authorities (South Derbyshire and Derbyshire Dales district councils) and adjoining MPAs (Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and Leicestershire) to help ensure a coordinated approach is taken in the preparation and development of the strategy, recognising its application to a much wider area across MPA boundaries.  We will also continue to work with other organisations and stakeholders that are important to the development of this strategy, including East Midlands Airport, the Environment Agency, the Canal and River Trust, and local communities in the Trent, Derwent and Lower Dove river valleys.  The strategy will be included in a Supplementary Planning Document once the Plan is adopted.

6.2    A technical paper sets out the methodology for establishing a strategic environmental baseline for land-use planning within the Trent, Derwent and Lower Dove Valleys through the assessment of its current assets relating to landscape character, ecology and the historic environment. This work is an important environmental baseline to inform the emerging Minerals Local Plan and feed into the strategy for the river valleys.  It will also inform the assessment of sites which have been proposed for sand and gravel extraction.

Emerging Approach


Emerging Approach for the Trent Valley Strategy


This Strategy will ensure that a more coordinated landscape scale approach is taken to the working and restoration of mineral workings in the Trent Valley.  It will seek to create more resilient landscapes; firstly, through the conservation of the areas identified as being of highest environmental value, secondly with robust mitigation and management in those areas where some change is proposed and thirdly through the planning and enhancement of areas which have been identified as currently being deficient in these environmental qualities.


The Councils will work with communities and mineral operators and other stakeholders to help ensure that proposals for mineral working in the Trent, Derwent and Lower Dove Valleys show how the restoration of these sites will fit in with this long term strategy.