Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for Building Stone


1          Introduction

1.1       The main source of building and roofing stone in the Plan area is the sandstone/gritstone of Carboniferous origin.  Limestone is also produced in small amounts for this purpose as a by-product at some of the limestone producing quarries. 

1.2       The market for building stone is small but profitable and is concerned mainly with the repair and restoration of historic buildings or with the repair/extension of existing properties or new build properties and structures in areas of high environmental value, such as conservation areas where it is important to preserve and enhance local distinctiveness and local building character.    

1.3       In the Plan area, the majority of resources of building and roofing stone are in Derbyshire, often in areas of landscape which are close to the Peak District National Park.  The need to protect the landscape will, therefore, be an important consideration in many proposals to work this resource.

1.4       This emerging strategy discusses the issues and principles regarding the provision of building stone in the Derbyshire and Derby Joint Minerals Local Plan (MLP).

More detailed information regarding building stone is available in the Building Stone Supporting Paper, November 2014.