Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for Industrial Limestone

Progress so Far

5        Progress so far

5.1     Stakeholder workshop 2009

          We held a stakeholder workshop in 2009, which scoped the issues to be addressed in the Plan. Stakeholders recognised the need for mineral extraction, provided that its impact on communities and the environment is minimised. We have taken these findings into account in seeking to progress the Plan further. 

5.2     Issues and Options Consultation 2010

          The Issues and Options Paper, published before the introduction of the NPPF and NPPG, identified that, whilst the overall level of permitted reserves appeared to be sufficient to meet the demand for industrial limestone over the Plan period, there may be a shortage of reserves at some quarries. Where those quarries supply industries that have requirements for particular specifications of mineral that would otherwise not be met there may be a need to grant additional permissions.  At that time no specific sites had been put forward for working and therefore the paper suggested that the most appropriate way of dealing with this issue would be to include a criteria based policy within the Plan.

          99% of respondents supported the approach of having a criteria based policy to allow for new working to meet the unanticipated and justifiable need for new working. The operators of Whitwell Quarry, however, who estimated that permitted reserves were likely to be worked out before the end of the Plan period, suggested that in view of the national importance and investment required in securing sites for industrial limestone, the Plan should identify specific sites for new industrial limestone working. We have taken these responses on board in developing this Paper on our emerging policy approach. More detailed information about the Issues and Options stage can be found in:


Derby and Derbyshire Minerals Local Plan: Issues and Options Consultation Paper, 2010


Responses to the Derby and Derbyshire Minerals Plan Issues and Options Consultation Paper, 2011




Interim Sustainability Appraisal of the Issues and Options Paper 2010

The SA Interim Report noted that a criteria based policy would have a similar impact to the policy in the adopted Minerals Local Plan. However, it suggested that where minerals are of national importance we should consider allocating sites to ensure that there is certainty in their supply. We have taken this into account in our emerging approach towards industrial limestone provision.