Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for Brick Clay and Fireclay

Progress so far

  1. Progress So Far – What you have said and how we have responded

5.1     Stakeholder Workshop 2009

          We held a stakeholder workshop in 2009, which scoped the issues to be addressed in the Plan. Stakeholders recognised the need for mineral extraction, provided that its impact on communities and the environment is minimised.  We have taken these findings into account in seeking to progress the Plan further. 


5.2     Issues and Options Consultation 2010

          Following on from the workshop, the Issues and Options Consultation 2010, identified that the key issues for making provision for clay were that the demand for brick clay and fireclay was industry led and particularly susceptible to economic fluctuations leading to periods of decline resulting in mothballing or shutting down of extraction and processing facilities. It indicated that any approach would need to maintain essential supplies to consumers, whilst seeking to encourage rapid working and reclamation of sites to minimise environmental impact and avoiding the stocking of clays where it would delay reclamation. The Issues and Options Consultation suggested that the most appropriate way of making provision for clay working would be to have a criteria based policy in the Plan, based on the above approach.  

5.3     A criteria based policy approach was well supported by respondents to the consultation. Suggestions were also made that we should look further at the most appropriate location for stockpiling i.e. at the quarry or at the brick works/clay products manufacturing site; some respondents felt that it was not always practicable or desirable to stockpile at the manufacturing unit. We have looked at this issue further in developing our approach towards ensuring an adequate and steady supply of brick clay and fireclay.


          Interim Sustainability Appraisal of the Issues and Options Consultation 2010