Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for Safeguarding Mineral Resources

Progress to Date

5       Progress So Far – What you have said and how we have responded

5.1    Safeguarding was identified by stakeholders as a key issue which should be addressed in the MLP at the initial stages in the preparation of the plan. 

5.2    In the Issues and Options Paper (2010), we asked how we should define MSAs.  Responses indicated support for an approach which safeguards all important proven mineral resources (83%).  This approach is broadly in accordance with national policy and guidance and with the approach to safeguarding set out in the BGS guidance on minerals safeguarding, which is the most recent up to date guidance regarding mineral safeguarding.

5.3    The interim sustainability appraisal didn’t report on how MSAs should be defined because this was posed as an open ended question in the issues and options report.

5.4    As a result of responses received, we have looked carefully at the issue of which minerals should be safeguarded and to what extent, and are proposing a two pronged emerging approach to safeguarding minerals, as follows: 

5.5    Firstly, for the reasons set out in the Mineral Safeguarding Supporting Paper, it is proposed to safeguard minerals which are considered to be of national and/or local importance, as set out below.