Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for Safeguarding Mineral Resources

Minerals Proposed to be Safeguarded

6       Minerals Proposed to be Safeguarded

6.1    The second element of the approach is to set out the broad geographical extent of these resources which it is proposed to safeguard.

6.2    For this Plan period it is proposed to safeguard the entire resource of the Carboniferous Limestone, Fluorspar, Permian Limestone, alluvial sand and gravel and surface mined coal (including Fireclay).  The detailed reasons for this are set out in the supporting paper to this Strategy.

6.3    Also, for this Plan period, it is proposed only to safeguard the areas of resources of sandstone/gritstone used for building/roofing purposes, the clays and the Sherwood Sandstones, which are close to existing workings.  Again, the detailed reasons for this are set out in the Mineral Safeguarding Supporting Paper. The precise boundaries of the MSAs will be delineated and published for public comment later this year.

Further more detailed information regarding the background to the approach taken to mineral safeguarding is available in the Supporting Paper on Mineral Safeguarding, November 2014.