Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards Strategic Sustainability Principles

Other principles more locally distinctive to Derbyshire and Derby

  1. Other Principles More Locally Distinctive to Derbyshire

and Derby

Through discussions with stakeholders during the preparation of the MLP and from comments received through on-going consultation events, people have raised a number of more locally distinctive sustainability issues, which they consider to be of particular significance and importance to Derbyshire and Derby. These are:

  • Derbyshire’s status as a national leader in the production of minerals, providing significant materials to maintain the national economy, and requiring the specific skills that are needed to maintain this production.
  • The built and natural environment of the Plan area, including its rich heritage, biodiversity and varied landscapes, particularly those areas which people consider to be the most sensitive, in the north of the county, related closely to the adjoining Peak District National Park.  
  • That, generally, people recognise that winning and working of minerals is necessary in the Plan area, and that some social and environmental damage is unavoidable. In this respect, they have told us that we should continue to strive to promote high standards of working, restoration and aftercare of mineral workings, which bring real and positive benefits to the local communities and which help to offset any adverse impacts that may result from mineral working.
  • That the most efficient use should be made of the mineral resources in the Plan area avoiding wastage and making the best use of recycled materials, in order to reduce the amount of primary material that is quarried, therefore reducing the amount of land that is lost to mineral extraction in the Plan area.
  • Cumulative impact from successive mineral workings and other commercial and industrial development in an area over a number of years has been raised by local people as being of particular relevance to their communities.

In order to reflect these issues which are particularly important to local people in dealing with proposals for minerals development in the Plan area, an emerging strategic approach has been captured in the following emerging draft policy.


Emerging Policy SMP3: Economic, Social and Environmental Principles for Minerals Development in Derbyshire and Derby


Proposals for minerals development will be supported:

  • To maintain the continued and sustained production of minerals from the Plan area over the Plan period to support the economy of Derbyshire and Derby, as well as the national economy.
  • Where they make the most efficient use of those resources, whilst ensuring that any minerals development does not harm significantly the special built and natural character of the area and does not cause harm to local communities, either individually or cumulatively with other development in the same area.    
  • Where it would not have an adverse impact on areas covered by international, national and local environmental designations, apart from in special circumstances.
  • Where high standards of working, restoration and aftercare of mineral workings will be promoted, to help offset any harm that may be caused by mineral working.

Do you agree with this approach? Is there anything else that you think should be included?     Please explain the reasons for your answer.