Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Vision and Objectives

Minerals and minerals-based materials, products and the physical structures made from them underpin our way of life and are essential to modern society. Minerals are the basic ingredients used in the construction of our homes, schools and other buildings, our transport infrastructure and other essential services such as health and recreation. They provide the raw materials for manufacturing and energy generation and are therefore vital to enable the new development that is necessary to support our economy and future economic growth.

The Plan area is rich in a variety of economically viable minerals, many of which are extracted to meet not only the needs of the local area but also to support the economy of the country and society as a whole. The minerals industry is an historic and important part of the local economy and contributes to the prosperity of the national economy, all enabled by the skills of the local workforce and the established supply infrastructure. The impact of the minerals industry has been significant and has influenced and shaped how the Plan area now looks and functions.

The minerals which are present in the Plan area will continue to be required over the Plan period to sustain economic growth and to maintain our quality of life. They are, however, a finite resource and can only be worked where they are found. It is important, therefore, that we make the best use of them to ensure their long-term availability for future generations.

Most mineral developments require prior planning permission. The Minerals Local Plan will contain a set of policies which will provide a series of tests to ensure that approval is only given to those developments that would not have unacceptable impacts on the environment and local communities. Those policies will be based on the guiding principles of the Plan; that is the Vision and Objectives.

The Vision and Objectives are central to the Plan; setting out the high level, strategic requirements for future mineral development. The Vision will help to define the direction of the Plan by stating where we want to be by the end of the Plan period. It will set out what the Plan area will be like in terms of mineral development in 2030 if the policies and proposals of the Plan have been delivered successfully over the Plan period. The Objectives will set out the key goals that will need to be attained to make the Vision a reality. In turn, the policies and other detailed proposals of the Plan will help deliver those objectives.  

In order to progress the earlier draft Vision and Objectives set out in the Issues and Options exercise, the County and City Councils have had to have regard to several factors. These include the requirements of new international and national policy, together with other current local policies and strategies in the Plan area, the new evidence base which has been assembled and the outcomes of the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report, all in the context of the distinctive character of the Plan area. Whilst the Vision and Objectives can be ambitious and distinctive to Derbyshire and Derby, they also need to be realistic. They must be informed by all the influences referred to in the supporting paper (see reference above) including the consultations we have undertaken to date and the messages from this round of consultation. Importantly, they must also be capable of being delivered.