Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Vision and Objectives

Progress So Far – What You Have Said and How We Have Responded

6.1     The Councils have undertaken earlier stages of community engagement and it is now an ideal opportunity to review the messages which emerged from those stages and to assess their relevance at the present time in light of subsequent changes in Government policy and guidance.

6.2     Stakeholder Workshop 2009

As this consultation exercise was at the beginning of the process of preparing a new Minerals Plan, it concentrated on the key issues and themes that the Plan should address and therefore did not consider the specific aspects and elements of the Vision and Objectives. The comments from this exercise however, were taken into account in the preparation of the Issues and Options Report which did set out draft vision and objectives and these are referred to in more detail below.

6.3     Issues and Options 2010  

The issues identified via the Stakeholder Workshop were considered and combined with additional key issues relating to each specific mineral for this consultation exercise. The consultation also set out a draft Vision and Objectives for the new Plan derived from the issues raised in the preparation of the current adopted minerals plan, the comments raised in the Stakeholder Workshop and current national planning policy and guidance at the time. The draft Vision and Objectives were generally considered to cover all the relevant elements although some specific amendments and additions were suggested.

Further details of the draft Vision and Objectives together with a summary of the responses are available in the Vision and Objectives Supporting Paper, January 2016.

6.4       Interim Sustainability Appraisal

The Interim Sustainability Appraisal considered the draft Vision and Objectives as presented in the Issues and Options document. It concluded that the Vision and Objectives were very broad, making it difficult to determine what impact there would be on environmental, economic and social factors. However, it stated that the draft Vision supported a number of sustainability objectives and that there was a clear aim to achieve a suitable balance between potential impacts in these categories, with a particular focus on achieving positive outcomes for communities. The concentrated aim of creating jobs in deprived areas was considered to possibly rule out the choice of locations in rural areas. The approach towards adaption to climate change impacts was considered to be a positive aspect of the Vision.