Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for Vein Minerals

National and Other Policy Considerations

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

3.1      The NPPF does not address the issue of vein mineral working separately from that of other minerals and therefore policy and guidance has to be taken from the overarching philosophy of the NPPF which promotes a presumption in favour of sustainable development and the general statements on mineral extraction.

3.2      The mineral extraction related objectives of the NPPF which apply to vein minerals are to:

  • Secure an adequate and steady supply of industrial minerals to assist in sustainable economic growth and improving our quality of life.
  • Encourage the provision of secondary and recycled aggregates to minimise the requirement for primary aggregates.
  • Safeguard minerals of national and local importance.
  • Set out policies to encourage the extraction of important minerals prior to development.
  • Set out policies to ensure that mineral extraction does not have unacceptable adverse effects on communities and the environment and which promote high standards of restoration and aftercare of mineral sites.
  • Provide for the maintenance of non-energy minerals from locations outside of National Parks.
  • Facilitate the sustainable use of energy minerals (some vein minerals are used in energy related developments).National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) 
  • The NPPG states that mineral planning authorities should plan for the steady and adequate supply of minerals by one of three ways. In order of priority these are; designating specific sites where viable resources are known to exist, designating preferred areas (areas of known resources where planning permission might reasonably be anticipated), or designating areas of search for areas where knowledge of mineral resources may be less certain but within which planning permission may be granted. The last two options are not expected of National Park authorities. It also states that mineral planning authorities should recognise that there are marked differences in geology, physical and chemical properties, markets and supply and demand between different industrial minerals, which can have different implications for their extraction.
  • 3.3      The NPPG amplifies the policy and guidance of the NPPF with regard to mineral extraction. It recognises the importance of minerals to our economy, the prosperity of the country and quality of life. It also recognises that minerals can only be extracted from where they naturally occur, such that locations where they are economically viable and extraction would be environmentally acceptable may be limited. The guidance identifies the main environmental issues that mineral planning authorities should address in the consideration of development proposals in order to ensure the correct balance between economic, social and environmental objectives.