Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for Safeguarding Minerals Infrastructure

Progress so far

5.1       To date, we have not undertaken any specific consultation on this issue, although we have examined the issues surrounding the safeguarding of mineral resources. It is now appropriate to consider and consult on the issue of safeguarding minerals related infrastructure in more detail.

5.2       In the Issues and Options Report, we asked whether or not respondents agreed that the most appropriate place to consider the safeguarding of sites for substitute, recycled and secondary aggregates was the Waste Local Plan. Thirteen out of fifteen respondents agreed with this approach and this element will be taken forward in the emerging Waste Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby.

5.3       In January 2014, we contacted mineral operators and district planning authorities to determine the location of current mineral related infrastructure facilities in the Plan area. These include rail freight lines, concrete batching plants, mineral processing plant and machinery. The information already collected is available in the Supporting Paper and will be used to develop the strategy. We will continue to collate the information as it is made available to us.



Further more detailed evidence regarding minerals related infrastructure is available in the Safeguarding Minerals Infrastructure Supporting Paper, April 2016.