Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Towards a Strategy for the Restoration and After Care of Former Mineral Workings

Duty to Cooperate

  •      Duty to Co-operate


5.1       The development of a strategy for the restoration of mineral workings is considered to be a strategic issue as restored mineral sites often cover a large area and can have an impact on land in adjoining administrative areas. As a result, there is the requirement to liaise with a number of organisations in the preparation of the strategy. We will continue to work closely with the mineral operators, local planning authorities and adjoining mineral planning authorities to ensure a co-ordinated approach is taken to the restoration of former mineral workings, and also with other organisations (including the Local Economic Partnership and the Local Nature Partnership and East Midlands Airport, Nature After Minerals and The Canal and River Trust) in the preparation and development of all of these strategies.

5.2      We will be seeking your views on Duty to Co-operate issues in a separate paper, which will be published later in the process.