Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Implementation and Monitoring


1                      Introduction          

1.1       The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires mineral planning authorities (MPAs) to monitor their local plans to ensure that the policies and proposals within them are deliverable and are being implemented. MPAs are required to prepare reports containing information on how plan production is progressing and, in relation to adopted plans (which is the subject of this paper), the extent to which the objectives set out in those plans are being achieved. This report must be made available to the public. This paper lists some of the potential aspects of the adopted Minerals Local Plan that may be monitored.

1.2       The Derby and Derbyshire Minerals Local Plan (the Plan) will contain a number of objectives to be achieved over the life of the Plan, in order to deliver the Plan’s overall Vision. The effectiveness of the Plan’s policies and proposals, put in place to meet those objectives, will be monitored so that, if necessary, issues can be identified and addressed through a revision of the Minerals Local Plan, either in whole or part.

1.3       The Plan will ultimately be implemented through the development management process of the Minerals Planning Authority (MPA), via the grant or refusal of planning permission for new proposals, the monitoring of existing minerals development’s compliance with their planning conditions and obligations and action taken on unauthorised mineral development. Planning permission will be granted where proposals are in accordance with the NPPF, the policies of the adopted Minerals Local Plan and any relevant policies in the adopted Local Plans for the area in which the proposed development in located.