Towards a Minerals Local Plan for Derbyshire and Derby

Implementation and Monitoring

Aggregate Supply Monitoring

4         Aggregate Supply Monitoring

4.1       The issue that requires the most detailed monitoring in the Minerals Local Plan is the production of aggregate, in the form of crushed rock and sand and gravel. Each year MPAs produce a Local Aggregate Assessment which sets out;

  • Summaries of past aggregate production, the number of active quarries and the distribution of the extracted material
  • Future levels of provision based on the 10 year average figure and other relevant information
  • The key issues that could affect the future demand for aggregates over the plan period

4.2       The MPAs will work with the minerals industry and other mineral planning authorities, including through the East Midlands Aggregates Working Party to monitor sales, distribution and reserves of aggregate minerals and changes in patterns of supply to inform future forecasting and demand.

4.3       Observations recorded in the monitoring report and LAA will feed into reviews of the Minerals Local Plan, and if the strategy is not delivering or is indeed over delivering minerals, an early review of the local plan may be necessary.

4.4       Consideration will need to be given to the level of over or under production that would lead to a review of the Minerals Local Plan.