Minerals Plan: Towards a Strategy for Sand & Gravel

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Issue 2: Strategic Areas

The draft Vision and Objectives of the Minerals Plan set out, in general, that Derby and Derbyshire will contribute to the national and local requirement for minerals by the sustainable provision of a steady and adequate supply of minerals, helping to sustain and promote economic growth, the greatest level of which is likely to be in the south of the county. 
This will be achieved by providing sites for the processing and production of secondary and recycled aggregates and allocating sites for the extraction of primary minerals, in a way which respects the social and environmental sensitivities of the area.  The Strategy for Sand & Gravel develops and substantiates these aspirations by setting out the amount of sand and gravel that Derby and Derbyshire will have to provide to 2030 (see LAA below) and the areas where this may come from.
The strategy is constrained by the fact that sand and gravel can only be quarried where it occurs naturally.  In this respect, therefore, sand and gravel can only be quarried in the main river valleys in the south of the county.

Q2: Strategic Areas

Please read the document “Towards a Strategy for Sand & Gravel” and tell us what you think about the draft Strategy. 
Do you think that sites should continue to be allocated in the Trent valley where extraction currently takes place, for the whole of the Plan period to 2030?  Or do you think that some new sites should also be allocated in the Lower Dove Valley to help ease the impact on communities in the Trent Valley?
Do you think there are any other impacts or opportunities that can arise from sand and gravel development in a particular area?

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