Minerals Plan: Towards a Strategy for Sand & Gravel

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Issue 3: Site Assessments

Several different sites have been suggested (please refer to the site plans when answering the question below).
All suggested sites will be assessed rigorously against the same criteria to measure their potential impacts, and this will determine their potential for extraction in overall sustainability terms.  People who are concerned about mineral extraction often highlight matters such as noise, dust, traffic and the general impact on their environment as things that they are worried about.

Q3a: Site Assessments

What criteria do you think should be taken into account in assessing sites for future sand and gravel extraction?
Have you any information which would help in the assessment of this particular site?
Are there any other sites you can suggest for sand and gravel extraction?

30 people have answered this question.

At the Issues and Options stage of the Minerals Plan in 2010, you supported the development of a strategic long term approach, which would guide the future allocation and restoration of sand and gravel workings in the Trent Valley.  This approach is now embodied in the draft vision and objectives of the Minerals Plan.
As a result, we are developing a strategic overview of the environmental sensitivity of the Trent Valley.  This involves using three sets of environmental data, including information relating to the historic environment, nature conservation and data showing how intact the landscape is in visual terms.  This, along with further detailed site assessment work, could be important in the assessment of sites which are put forward for sand and gravel extraction and in showing how sites should be restored once extraction is complete.

Q3b: Site Assessments

Do you think that this approach will form a good strategic basis for assessing whether sites should be permitted, and how they are restored?

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