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Responding to the Consultation

You can respond to the consultation by choosing one of the methods shown on the consultation homepage.

If the consultation has a questionnaire available, you can fill this in on-line and when you are happy with your answers you can submit them.

If the consultation allows you to make comments against a structured document, you can browse the structured document and make one or more comments on specific parts. If you are an agent, acting on behalf of one or more clients, you can also make comments on their behalf.

If the consultation allows you to upload a response document then you can download the respond document template, fill it in, and then upload the completed document to submit your response.

If the consultation provides a printable response form then you can print out that form, fill it in and send it to the appropriate address.

Any other response methods that are available will have appropriate instructions that you can follow to submit your response to this consultation.

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