Waste Plan: Big Choices

Derby & Derbyshire Waste Core Strategy: Big Choices Report

Chapter 3 Making a Sound Plan

Getting knowledge

3.1 We want to make a sound plan, which means one that can be trusted. To do that, we have to have reliable, background knowledge.

  • We know what is expected of us by the government[1].
  • We know what the agreed plan for our region says about the development of waste facilities in our area.
  • We know a lot of things about waste management in Derby and Derbyshire.
  • We know many facts and figures about how much waste is produced and where it is processed.

3.2 We would like you to tell us anything that you think will add to our knowledge or will help us make a sound plan.

More about the plan

3.3 The plan will have policies to encourage good developments and help prevent harm to people and the environment. It will play its part in responding to climate change. It will suggest the places or localities where the crucial waste facilities should be built. If you give us your opinions on where the best places might be, you will help us to get the plan right.

3.4 Diagram 1 gives a picture of the geography of Derby and Derbyshire. It shows the main roads and railways, towns and other features which affect the pattern of waste arisings, treatment and disposal. Also, it shows the major places, such as Sheffield, Nottingham and Manchester, which are outside the county but have a big impact on what happens here.

3.5 In the following chapters we explain some more about Derby and Derbyshire and the big choices that are necessary. 

1. See Appendix 2 for the Government's Key Planning Objectives [back]