Waste Plan: Big Choices

Derby & Derbyshire Waste Core Strategy: Big Choices Report

Chapter 1 Waste & Making Good Use of It

1.1 The homes and businesses of Derby and Derbyshire produce two million tonnes of waste every year. About half of it is recycled or used in some beneficial way. The other half is sent to landfill sites, in Derbyshire and elsewhere. Much of it travels long distances before it is treated or landfilled.

1.2 Everyone knows that waste can be re-used or recycled and most people do their bit – for example by using the bottle banks near their homes.

1.3 Most waste is produced by businesses, not in the home. It comes from offices and factories, shopping centres and the places we visit for recreation. Many local businesses think about their waste and make plans to minimise it. They realise that their waste is a resource that they can use productively.

1.4 But what about the large amounts of waste which homes and businesses still throw away? What is to be done with it? We must plan for it to be treated in local facilities which can get the value from that waste, for example by recovering energy from it.

1.5 Better waste management is good for society as a whole. As well as the economic impacts, the way we manage and transport waste affects the production of greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

1.6 So we must recover value from our waste and try to minimise the distances that it travels for treatment. We do that through:

  • Cutting down on waste at home and work
  • Separating our waste for recycling or composting
  • Extracting value from unrecycled waste at local treatment facilities
  • Making plans for where and what the recycling, composting and treatment facilities should be
  • Building and operating the facilities.

1.7 Everyone plays a part in waste management, from people doing their bit at home to the managers running the largest facilities. The plan that we are writing will help to bring those efforts together. It will play a key role in planning where the waste treatment facilities should go.