Waste Plan: Big Choices

Derby & Derbyshire Waste Core Strategy: Big Choices Report

Chapter 2 The Plan

What it is about

2.1 "Big Choices" is about a plan which we at the Derby City and Derbyshire County councils are making. We want to make a sound plan, a plan that can be trusted, and we need you to help us.

2.2 The plan will be about:-

  • treatment and disposal of waste
  • the waste that is produced by everyone in Derby and Derbyshire, in their homes and at work, shopping and leisure
  • new sites to deal with waste
  • helping to decide where the new sites should be.

2.3 A lot of changes are taking place in the way we deal with waste.  More waste is being recycled and used again. Less waste is being discarded as rubbish and just landfilled[1]. Most people now realise that waste is a potential resource. The waste industry is more aware of its responsibilities and the economic advantages of good waste management. Waste treatment is becoming more efficient.

2.4 We want to ensure that the changes benefit Derby and Derbyshire. So we are making a plan which will guide the planning decisions and  help the waste industry and local communities find the best places to build new sorting and treatment plants over the next 20 years.

2.5 The plan will consider waste as a valuable resource, made of materials that can often be used again and again. It will lead to more recycling and less dumping of waste in the ground as if it was simply rubbish.[2] It will, with other measures, encourage sustainable  development and help the waste industry to keep down its carbon footprint. By law, it must help to minimise climate changePl[3] and it will do so.

Preparing the plan

2.6 The county and city councils have joined forces to prepare the waste plan.

2.7 The plan will be called

 "The Derby and Derbyshire Waste Core Strategy Development Plan Document".

2.8 We intend to complete the plan in 2011 and then seek the government's approval and adopt it in 2012. The plan will provide planning guidance to 2030.

2.9 We started preparing the plan in 2009. We have been collecting information and have talked to some people and organisations and got some useful ideas from them. We are now calling on all the people and businesses of Derby and Derbyshire and other firms and organisations which are interested in waste management planning in this area. We will welcome your views on what should be in the plan. At the end of this paper (in chapter 6), are several "Big Choices" and other questions on which we would like your views.

2.10 Published with this consultation report are a "Needs Paper" and a "Types of Facilities Paper. They are quite long but worth reading. They, with other relevant documents, are on our website at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/bigchoices  They can also be obtained in paper form by phoning 08456 058 058.


1. "Landfilled" - see Types of Facilities paper [back]
2. For waste priorities, see the Waste Hierarchy, in Appendix 1 [back]
3. Planning Act 2008 [back]